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   It is unfortunate that the file plug-ins and the other filters are
   all called "plug-ins", because they behave differently.  What may
   make sense for the filters (global settings) may be
   counter-productive for the file plug-ins.  For the filters, the
   settings can be considered to be a property of the filter itself:
   it is reasonable to expect that applying the same filter to a
   different image will use the same settings as last time.  However,
   this is different for the file plug-ins: the quality settings,
   image comments and other meta-information is a property of the
   image itself, not a property of the filter.  I expect these values
   to remain unchanged while I work on an image, even if I open and
   save other images in the meantime.

The Print plugin has yet another behavior; the settings are
per-printer, not per-file.  Conceivably they could wind up being
shared with other applications that use Gimp-Print.

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