I was playing around in Paint Shop Pro trying to see what it does well and
what caught my interest today was that in seemingly every dialog window
you are able to maximise the window unlike standard dialogs where this
functionality is usually disabled/greyed out.

This is more useful than it sounds, take for example the File Open Dialog.
If you maximise the window the widgets reflow and the space with the
document list exands to fit the avialable space (and I think the preview
box expands too, but I dont have it in front of me right now).

If the GIMP was to consider this feature would it require a whole lot of
work to make sure the dialogs reflowed properly when maximised?
(Keep in mind that users might be using text sizes larger than the
defaults so static widget layouts are a really bad idea).

Would this require much work at the toolkit level or it is a simple as
replacing Dialog API calls with Window API calls in various places?

(This would definately be a post 2.0 feature of course if it was
considered a good idea)


Alan Horkan

PS Wish I could make it to GIMP Con but please do keep notes and let us
know how it goes.  Have fun.

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