I'd suggest 10 days instead of 5 (if I, for an example, am on a heavy
workload week, 5 days could not be enough to make my points, if they
need soem expermenting on the codebase), But since the decision was
taken, so mote it be - it's not gonna hurt.

As for the foundation., I'd be happy if it was in Europe. USA is
getting more and more of those stuppid laws, including states passing
"super-DMCAs¨ , that if enforced would stop the Internet alltogether.

The foundation has to care off one other thing I did not see on the
summary: most, or all of the codebase must be owned by it. It would
legally allow small adjusts in the license, like the recently one
that clarified that there could be proprietary plug-ins for the GIMP.
(Strictly in terms of the GPL, as currently the copyright holder is
each individual author, there would be the need to have express
permission from each author for this change). Also, there is the GNU
motive - if the need arises to defend GIMP's IP in court, it is
easier if the foundation is the owner, and not a lot of people spread
over the world.

Off course there must be foolproof safeguards to keep the foundation
from doing non-wanted things to the codebase. So, that GIMP should be
free software should be specified in the "reason of being"of such a

These are my points so far.



> - Decisions
> -----------
> Not too many of these... we will have a release manager, but we
> need to define exactly what his/her remit will be. And who it will
> be. We agreed that the "5 days and it's dead" rule for threads
> makes sense, so that will be done.
> - Future
> --------
> 1) Roadmap - rough release schedule, we will have a first draft
> today. 2) GIMP Foundation - we need to define its responsibilities,
> set up election rules, and get this set up. The principle of the
> foundation is more or less agreed.
> 3) Communication
> 4) Release Manager - what'll he do, who'll he be. This should be
> short once we have discussed communication channels a bit.
> 5) Technie stuff - Sven and mitch are going to talk to us about the
> re-organisation of the code, GObjectification of everything, and
> other stuff. Daniel and Calvin are going to talk to us about Gegl
> and how they feel the GIMP could use it. This will probably be a
> two-way discussion about what kind of things we expect gegl to
> furnish as well. 6) GIMP tutorials - jimmac and nomis are going to
> do some presentations for people, which should be good.
> 7) Plug-in distribution - 3 years ago this was discussion, yosh has
> been working on something as a proof-of-concept, it would be nice
> to address this and get something in place soon.
> So there you go. Hello everyone from camp.
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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