Ok with regards to Photoshop - Photoshop users are amongst the most inflexible 
users I have ever come across if it doesn't work like Photoshop they are not 
interested.... There are also a number of existing users who are very used to 
the current bindings (including myself) which we do not wish to upset more 
than nessary...

Luckily there is a solution that works for everyone (at least as far as 
keybindings go)... It might be a little too much work to make it into 2.0 

1) Ask the user which set of bindings to use when the initial installation 
takes place.  Options should be at least Gimp 2.0, Gimp 1.x, Photoshop...

2) Users should be able to save and load any preference sets while the gimp is 
running - They should be able to share other peoples preference sets and 
install them easily. 
This allows for the user to 
a) set up a different interface for different tasks, 
b) allow for co-workers to work on each others machines with the minimum 
amount of hassle.  

This type of functionality has been available in quite a few commercial apps 
(Corel Draw, Photopaint, 3D Studio Max immediately come to mind) for some 
years now.  
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