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The last time I got the mng libraries, they came along with liblcms. Are you sure that liblcms does not do all of this?

A quick reread of the PNG/MNG format reveals that you can use ICC profiles, but NOT CMYK, Lab or other color spaces. That's why lcms - to handle the embedded profiles that might exist.

So this combination would answer your LAB & CMYK issues and possibly my need to use a greater than 256 color palette then?

Rightly or wrongly, I consider ImageMagick to be the gimps command line
until it gets too ugly and you need to start scripting.  Probably this
is wrong also?

That's as good a use for IM as any ;).

tiff is so old.

True, but that in and of itself isn't a bad thing...

Well, there are a few well designed computer things that have made it fairly unscathed throughout computer history. It takes foresight and
flexiblity and probably some luck and good drugs as well.

Complaints I remember reading from more "technically inclined" people about tiff were mostly about the lwz compression. I guess while it was not free it was also not the best way to go about doing such a thing.

However, I read recently about artifacts appearing in compressed pngs, so this might not be the miracle fix I had hoped for.

I will always feel a little bitter about the lwz thing.

it seems like many old ideas have a lousy way of handling some of the new ideas.

Such as? Can you give a specific technical example of a problem/limitation of TIFF???

I tried to explain my thoughts on this earlier. I am very pleased that historically GIMP has only "borrowed" methods and ideas from Photoshop that were the best idea or approach to the problem. I hope that we continue to do this.

Unfortunately, this is not always the *easiest* approach; but nothing says it needs to be the hardest way either.

Technically, I really liked the mng animation that I made. It was a beautiful web graphic. Lush even.


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