Michael Schumacher writes:
 > When compiling current cvs on win32, I get:
 > ../../build/win32/compile-resource winsnap.rc winsnap-win32res.o
 > /bin/sh: ../../build/win32/compile-resource: No such file or directory

../../build/win32/compile-resource probably *is* there, but what
causes that message is that it's a bash script (starts with
#!/bin/bash), and you are presumably using MSYS, which doesn't have
/bin/bash? (It could well be made into a /bin/sh script instead, it
doesn't contain any bashisms AFAIK.)

 > windres -i winsnap.rc -o winsnap-win32res.o 

 > seems to do the same as the missing command - is there any reason what this
 > command isn't called directly by the Makefile?

Umm, no reason. The compile-resource script's sole purpose is to keep
a "build number" for a DLL, bumping it for each build, and expand the
identifier "BUILDNUMBER" in the .rc file to the current build
number. The winsnap.rc doesn't have any meaningful version info in its
version resource anyway.

(The compile-resource and lt-compile-resource scripts are awful hack,
and it says so in the comments in them. I would like to get rid of
them, but haven't come up myself with any better way to automatically
update build numbers in version resources of DLLs, nor have I received
any suggestions...)


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