[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-17 at 1923.39 +0000):
> Sorry if this is a silly question, but does the "maximize" button on
> modern X11 window managers behave differently than in Windows? Doesn't
> it always make the window fill the whole screen? 

It can do anything the WM wants, but the norm is like in MSWindows.
Here I get vertical, horizontal or both, in full screen with or
without borders and "collision" with things like pagers.
> (Hmm, or is it so that even on Windows it is possible to make the
> maximize button not always maximizing to the screen size, but to some
> pre-set max size? If so, few applications seem to use this. Will have
> to investigate.)

The discussion is about which windows should be maximizable and then
making sure they have the button (details about what maximize is are
left to the wms). Typical fight wms vs apps.

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