On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 13:35, Daniel Egger wrote:

> > I also don't want to work on it any longer unless Daniel changes his
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is what you wanted to say, nothing else. Really sad...

Yes, it is sad. But please read your own mails again. First you claimed
that there is no need for further discussion since we discussed all this
weeks ago already. Then, a few mails later it becomes clear that you
didn't understand the proposed concept at all. I felt that there is more
need for discussion and I tried to get it started since I wanted to
start working on the implementation. I can however not work with someone
who is as arrogant and insulting as you are. Even if I ignore the
private emails we exchanged yesterday, I cannot work with you any
longer. Someone else will have to work on the help-system in gimp or you
will have to change your attitude. I will not any longer waste any of my
free time dealing with you.


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