On 24 Aug 2003, at 22:52, Niklas Mattisson wrote:

> It seems like there is a lot of questions about how we should
> structure the Getting Involved section and I would like to make a few
> things clear here and also prupose a little structure.
> - We should use the existing file that contains the changelog 
> updates and such things. 

For clarity's sake, Getting Involved is the new name for what's 
currently still called Development on the test site. See 
> - The image. I like it though it takes a lot of place on the site. Do
> the developers want it there or do you think that it might be a little
> to much?

The photo, you mean? I like it too. It adds a personal touch, and 
that's always helpful.

However, it is in the way of finding out how to Get Involved, so 
perhaps it should move down the page.
> - IMHO I would remove the Important URLs parts and move this to Links
> well the once that is not in the Links section at least.

The problem with the links (they are hyperlinks, not URLs) as they 
are currently presented, with little context, is that they lack 

> - Important GIMP Development URLs is important and I would like this
> to stay where it is.

I think that these links should be a function of the way in which a 
person wants to help. Somebody who wants to draw icons does not need 
to know about GEGL, for instance.

> OK here goes a little structure:
> -> Getting Involved
>  |--> How can I help?

Would this be like the list on <http://mmmaybe.gimp.org/windows/> 
under "Your Support"?

>  |--> How Tos                 (If we have any?)
>  |--> What is going on

What would "What is going on" be about?

>  '--> Links                   (OS specific help pages)

Perhaps the OS specific stuff should go into the OS sections, I am 
not sure. Do you have examples of some links?

> This might be small but still it would not be much to change if we
> build it like this for now. This can change later also depending what
> the developers want the site to contain.
> What do the developers want the site section to look like and is there
> anything that I have missed above?
> I would like to have some discussions about this because it is
> important to make this section understandable and useful for new
> people who wants to help with GIMP. So please add comments.

I can imagine two types of visitor for this page. 

One type are the visitors who already know they want to help and now 
need to find out how they can help and what they need to do to get 

The other type are visitors who are not necessarily trying to offer 
help, but who are looking for general development information. 

For the latter there needs to be some overview of (affiliated) 
projects/sites, with an explanation of what each does in the GIMP 

There's one thing I find very important, and that is that those who 
want to help develop in the traditional sense, i.e. code, should be 
able to find out how to contribute as easy as possible. What are the 
steps such a person should take? Go to <http://developer.gimp.org> 
and look there?

branko collin
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