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> >>>So, did you guys know that Disney considered using the GIMP and/or
> >>>Cinepaint, but instead paid some coders to make sure PS runs in
> >>>WINE?
> >>>
> >>><http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,1210083,00.asp>

> I am finding out that trying to defend free software brigns more flames
> and bad moderation than other subjects. :-)
> I will try to find my post and paste it at the end of this message.

> > 4) Although there are some tradeoffs CinePaint better fills the niche for
> > a movie studio, higher colour depth and support for file formats such as
> > OpenEXR are important.
> Dunno. The only cinepaint I had seen was called  "filmgimp"

Well now they call it CinePaint, which better distinguishes the niche it
is trying to fill.  I believe there is an important place for CinePaint,
and that its clear focus is admirable.  I can only hope that in future
some compatibility can be regained and become more like different parts of
the same family, if you'll forgive the comparision more like Adobe
Photoshop Elements is to Adobe Image Ready.

> > 5) Adobe Photoshop users, particularly proffesional artists love Adobe
> > Photoshop.  Price is not really an issue when the company is paying (up
> > to a point, companies will eventually draw the line (no pun intended))
> > GIMP/CinePaint needs to be more than just as good, it needs to
> > be significantly better for that kind of specialist user to make the
> > effort to change. >
> > The killer feature(s) in the GIMP is freedom, and so cheap it is free.
> > Proffessionals who depend on Adobe Photoshop are probably the last
> > people that will convert to the GIMP.  The value they place on Photoshop
> > is not just the box price, it is the years of time and effort invested
> > into learning it inside out and more.
> Actually, one of the many replies pointed to this: Disney, better, the
> departament that went Wine/photoshop, actually tried pushing GIMP or
> CinePaint, but got a big No from the artists. That means you are
> completely right, Alan.

I can only hope that the developers will consider copying Photoshop more
often unless there are particularly good reasons to do otherwise.

> My post on /. on this subject was: (I am Pope Raymond Lama there)

> Re:Disney supporting open-source? (Score:*, Insightful)
> by Pope Raymond Lama (57277)  on Tue Aug 05, '03 12:25 PM (#6616021)
> (http://www.geocities.com/gwidion23)
>   No. Disney non-supporting Open Source,
> as it has always been.

supporting Wine, is supporting open source.
it would of course be more forward looking to support the Gimp rather than
a back-compatibility layer, but I am pleasantly surprised if Disney
makes any contribution at all to open source or free software.

> Now, instead of using, and helping
> improving The GIMP, "linux people"
> will just run their pirated Photoshops
> and be happy, as oftenly such users
> do not know the difference between free
> and proprietary software.

I might have moderated that Funny, although it was more likely to be
considered harsh.  People take accusations of 'piracy' (unlicensed use) of
software personally, guilty conscience methinks.  I also really doubt that
someone would go to all the trouble of running Linux, and
Wine to pirate Photoshop on Linux instead of taking the easy option and
just using Windows.

Usually on slashdot people say it differently more silly like
"free software, what do you mean it is not free, I downloaded it off the

> In reply to:
> Disney supporting open-source? (Score:5, Funny)
> by Prince_Ali (614163)  on Tue Aug 05, '03 12:13 PM (#6615846)
> (Last Journal: Sun Oct 27, '02 05:19 PM)
>   I can feel the slashdotters' brains explode with conflict.
> --
> Money follows votes; it does not buy votes.
> Two legs better!

I have learned to expect little intelligent feedback from slashdot, there
are a few exceptions but they only prove the rule that most of Slashdot is
utter dross and not worth reading at below Score:4 or 5.

The GIMP user and developers lists is one of the few places where you are
most likely to get well thought out feedback on the GIMP.  Everywhere else
you will probably get flamed, although I expect there will be some really
positive feedback when Gimp 2.0 is released (much more than any criticism
over the number jump).



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