Willie Sippel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Check my new mockup, I've changed this. It's available at
> http://www.zeitgeistmedia.net/gimp/gimpstreamline2.png .
> You're right on this one, I would suggest to split the toolbox, upper
> segment containing logical groups, e.g. paint tools, and on click, the
> lower segment contains the corresponding tools, like brush, pen,
> airbrush, ink and text. This would reduce mouse movement, as you
> suggested, while still making it easier to find the tool you need.

I like this idea. Perhaps if the GUI could better indicate the
relationship between the selected tool-group and the list of tools
below, people would actually have a chance to understand this concept
without the need to explain it to them.

What I dislike about your mockup is the fact that you overload widgets
with functionality using the three mouse-buttons. This hides important
functionality and is thus unacceptable for a user interface that is
supposed to be as intuitive as possible.

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