Øyvind Kolås <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Depending on which wiki is installed,.. changing it to use a more
> XML-like syntax (xhtml),.. and using more correct identifiers for the
> documentation items shouldn't be too much work.
> Parts of xhtml can be mapped to DocBook, but not all (I'm not that
> familiar with it)

The Wikis I have used so far don't expose any HTML syntax to the wiki
user. There is a simple Wiki syntax (TextFormattingRules) and I think
this is one of the essential aspects of a Wiki. The user doesn't have
to deal with a complex markup language and can still create
nice-looking HTML pages. That said, I don't think a Wiki is well
suited for writing documentation in DocBook/XML.

BTW., it is interesting to see how the CinePaint project deals with
similar ideas at the same time...

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