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> Seems that what you want to do is better done with a layer mask, as you've
> already been explained. But if you already have the alpha channel and want
> to convert it to a mask, I can offer you two solutions:
> 1. Follow these steps:
> 2. Copy the following script (which uses an undocumented hack and may =

Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted. All my tries with gimp-1.3.19
trying to use the 'Alpha' channel (and not a mask) were unsuccessfull.

There is no way of painting (or for the matter pasting into) the alpha
layer. Creating mask--deleting alpha--editing mask--apply mask is what
I used (not with a script), but it is quite cumbersome, and this is why
I did post to gimp-devel: so that there may be a possibility to directly
edit the alpha channel of a layer (as there is the possibility of
directly painting onto only the blue layer, or red or green) in the
future. I certainly meant no offense.

Meanwhile, your script will serve my needs. I do very small icons, and
like to set transparency pixel by pixel.
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