Hello, Everyone :)
At the following location:

please find two screenshots of the "Save As | Determine File Type:"
menu.  If this is a new feature, or if it's a new feature that just
doesn't work yet, please let me know :)  I really can't think of any
better way to describe this other than letting you see for yourself what
I'm talking about.

The first screenshot is of the above mentioned menu/dialog exactly as it
appears when you click on the "Determine File Type:" menu, before I
scroll down using the down arrow, to get to the other filetyoes.  The
second screenshot is what that same menu looks like after I scroll to
the bottom.  (In the second screenshot it actually looks like it used to
in previous versions of Gimp-1.3x, and how I thought it was supposed to
look based on how it looked in the 1.2 series of the Gimp.

Like I said, if this is a new feature and I just don't understand it,
please let me know :)

Steven P. Ulrick
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