On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Hans Breuer wrote:

> >Unfortunately the GIMP only me to choose File, Aqquire, From Clipboard.
> Which you never tried at least _once_ before complaining ?

I think you have misunderstood me.
I used it many times, it works and I use what is available.
I only mention it now because changes are being made to the screenshot
code and perhaps there might be a better way to do screenshots and
streamline the workflow.

> Though from the users point of view there may be no differnce between
> 'Copy' (== here Program internal and fast)
>   and
> 'Copy from Clipboard' (== system global, data across process boundaries,
>                        kind of slow)

I am aware that the system clipboard is different and slower, but isn't
the real performance loss is from the user point of view.

I only ask that you take a moment and consider if there might be a way to
make things faster for the user which is where speed really counts.
Could some of the handling of the system clipboard be done automatically
and only when needed to mitigate the speed tradeoff?  If is impractical
fair enough, I was just asking because the code was being changed anyway.

- Alan

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