Joao S. O. Bueno ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> How is the vector stuff? Are the itnernal representaions, if note all 
> thetouchs on the UI finished? 

I think the stuff is pretty stable internally. The functionality seems
to be OK and the remaining stuff basically is polishing.

>From the PDB point of view I guess that the libart stroking is separate
enough from the "vectors core" to be tackled in a second step.

> If s, I believe that tomorrow, and during the niught from tomorrow to 
> the next day, I will have time to make some work on the PDB, as I 
> have talked to you the other day. 

Please look at the code in app/vectors and make a proposal, which
functions to export via the PDB on that list. That way we can judge
easily if there is an extension to the API necessary or if the
existing API is good enough.

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