On 21 Sep 2003, at 14:12, David Neary wrote:
> Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:

> > Why not Ctrl-Z, which is faster and which almost everybody knows
> > already?
> Excuse me - the shortcut I'd like to change is Redo, which is
> currently Ctrl-R. Most apps in the Linux desktop space are now
> adopting some or all of the GNOME HIG in this regard. So - to
> correct myself - I'd like to change Ctrl-R to Ctrl-Shift-Z.

I have always understood and accepted why some of the GIMP 
functionality (or lack thereof) seems a bit Linuxy. After all, most 
developers like to use Linux, so you get a natural bias.

But since when did GIMP _users_ all start living there? Do we know 
what the guidelines for other platforms are? How useful are the HIG?

branko collin
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