On 21 Sep 2003, at 14:51, Branko Collin wrote:
> On 21 Sep 2003, at 14:12, David Neary wrote:
> > Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> > > Why not Ctrl-Z, which is faster and which almost everybody knows
> > > already?
> >
> > Excuse me - the shortcut I'd like to change is Redo, which is
> > currently Ctrl-R. Most apps in the Linux desktop space are now
> > adopting some or all of the GNOME HIG in this regard. So - to
> > correct myself - I'd like to change Ctrl-R to Ctrl-Shift-Z.
> I have always understood and accepted why some of the GIMP
> functionality (or lack thereof) seems a bit Linuxy. After all, most
> developers like to use Linux, so you get a natural bias.
> But since when did GIMP _users_ all start living there? Do we know
> what the guidelines for other platforms are? How useful are the HIG?

I looked a bit further into this. Relevant links can be found in the
Future section at <http://wiki.gimp.org>.

GNU/Gnome says:

"Use Shift-Ctrl-letter for functions that reverse or extend another
function. For example, Ctrl-Z and Shift-Ctrl-Z for Undo and Redo.
Note that you cannot use Shift-Ctrl-A-thru-F, however, as these
combinations are used to enter unicode characters in text fields.

Function   Shortcut       Description
Undo       Ctrl-Z         Undo the last operation
Redo       Shift-Ctrl-Z   Redo the last operation"

Microsoft says:


I could only find a recommendation to use Ctrl-Z for Undo. It could
be that MS uses a different term for Redo, so that I could not find
anything for that.

Apple says:

"Use the Command key as the main modifier key for keyboard
equivalents. For a command that complements another more common
command, you can add Shift. The table below shows some recommended
keyboard equivalents using Shift.

Table 9-8 Some of the recommended keyboard equivalents using Shift to
complement other commands

Keys Command                                        Complemented
Shift-Command-A Deselect All                        Command-A (Select
Shift-Command-G Find Previous                       Command-G (Find
Shift-Command-P Page Setup                          Command-P (Print)
Shift-Command-S Save As                             Command-S (Save)
Shift-Command-V Paste as (Quotation, for example)   Command-V (Paste)
Shift-Command-Z Redo                                Command-Z (Undo)

Note: Shift-Command-Z would be used for Redo only if Undo and Redo
are separate commands (rather than toggled using Command-Z).

If there’s a third, less common command that’s related to a pair of
commands that use Command and Shift-Command, you can use Option-
Command for the third command’s keyboard equivalent. In the example
in Table 9-9, Save All could be a dynamic menu item (see “Menu
Behavior”) that appears in place of Save when the user presses the
Option key (rather than a separate menu item). Use combinations like
these very rarely."

So, as you can see, Apple and Gnome are basically in agreement
(although their different wording, 'complement' versus 'reverse or
extend', may lead to differences in keyboard shortcut assignments).

branko collin
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