Could those of the English speaking persuasion take a quick look at 
bug <> and post your 
comments there (or start a discussion here).

The new web site is going live today and it would be nice if the 
first words people see when they request the homepage would make 

The design for the new site starts the homepage with the following 

"Welcome to The New GIMP Web Site. This site attempts to help you to 
use The GIMP. The GIMP (GNU/Image Manipulation Program) is a very 
nice graphics manipulation application that works on many operating 
systems, in many languages, on many file formats and is used for a 
variety of computer imagery purposes. Hopefully, you will find what 
you need here. Grab a properly chilled beverage and enjoy."

I posted in the bug report: 

"First, I would like to say that it is very good that the new web 
site has a blurb right at the start that explains what the site and 
the GIMP are about. 

I disagree, however, with the second sentence: "This site attempts to 
help you to use The GIMP."

This would suggest that is completely and only devoted 
to instruction. I feel it should say that "This is the official GIMP 
web site" instead. If we feel that the instruction part of the site 
is sufficiently important, that could be mentioned later on in the 

Scizzo recommended the following replacement: 

"This is the official GIMP website and will try to help you to get 
the information needed to get going with The GIMP."

branko collin
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