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>How many of these mails have been written by the 99% of the users
>who do not use the GIMP more than once per week (or month)?  Yes,

Do I count?

When I have to redo in an app that I don't use frequently, I use the Edit
menu to see how it's done. That was once the case of The GIMP, and when I
used it a few times I found it useful, comfortable and even mnemonic
(definitively more than Ctrl-Z was when I started using it).

>So the choice should be between Ctrl-Shift-Z and Ctrl-Y.  I prefer the
>former, for the reasons that I have stated in another message.  I could
>live with the latter, but please do not bring back the old Ctrl-R.

Unification (i.e. following the HIG) is desirable; I'm tired of having to
switch my mind whenever I switch to another editor, to adapt to the new
keybindings. I frequently use by mistake one editor's keybindings while I'm
using another. For this reason I like the idea of a harcoded Shift-Ctrl-Z.
The problem that Phil Harper mentions in another message (the user wanting
to use Shift-Ctrl-Z for something else) is not a problem if the user's
redefinition takes precedence over the hardcoded keybinding.

But leaving it up to the user to customize the keybinding is letting it die.
Fully customizing an app to make it feel like another is sometimes a several
hours work. Furthermore, in future someone can forget that some day Ctrl-R
was used for Redo (or just be attracted to use it for something else because
it's available), and bind that combo to something different. Then the
Ctrl-R-for-redo lovers will have to change two keybindings instead of one.
That's an additional step that adds annoyance, not to mention that it's
difficult to know in advance which keybindings are free to assign to the new

Imagine the following scenario. Suppose that Ctrl-R is used by default for,
say, refresh the image, while Ctrl-Shift-Z is Redo. Mrs. User wants to use
Ctrl-R for Redo, so the first step is to choose a free keybinding for
refreshing the image. Of course, Ctrl-Shift-Z is not a good choice for her,
either because she hates it or because she just doesn't feel it's convenient
or whatever. For that reason she has to find a keybinding convenient for her
and not already in use.

When I face this kind of problem, I tend to leave the default settings as
they are, trying to conform to the idiosyncratic behaviour of the
application, and I think that I represent a vast amount of users in this
respect. Killing Ctrl-R is a direct attack to the heart of The GIMP. If the
user happens to be an experienced GIMP user, she will have good reasons to
complain, and I can figure out Bugzilla full of dupes of the same report
wanting Ctrl-R back.

However, leaving it as the default in the menu does not hurt if Shift-Ctrl-Z
is available for those who are HIG- (or PS-) oriented.

That's just my opinion, of course, which as most opinions, is not humble nor
attempts to be.

  Pedro Gimeno
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