Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-09-26 at 1933.11 +0000):
> > >I'd suggest to leave the C-R as default keybinding and hardcode the C-S-Z. 
> > sounds like a good option, of course, it would confuse things if a user 
> > wants to apply SH+CT+Z to some other function(not sure why they'd want to, 
> > but it's possible).
> Grouped undo, or call undo history, ie. Hardcoding would be more
> problem than harm, btw.

Just to clarify what I meant when I said "hard-coding a value" -
since it seems to have caught on as a phrase.

The default value is hard-coded for any given menu item. When
registering the menu item, there is a C function call that
basically does this...
register menu item (name, menu placement, default shortcut);

A registered menu item corresponds to a function being called.

I seem to recall that it was possible to say 

register menu item (name, menu placement, default shortcut 1);
register menu item (name, menu placement, default shortcut 2);

and have 2 shortcuts to the same menu item. This is not possible
in gtk+ 2 (the second shortcut over-writes the first one), so 
talking about hardcoding several shortcuts is probably useless :)

Note also that the hard-coded shortcut is the default shortcut...
it seems that there was some confusion about this above.

There may be hacky ways around this, such as creating "phantom"
menu items with one shortcut which are nothing but wrappers
around another menu item, but that way leads madness when you
throw dynamic shortcuts into the mix.

> They did not have any problem about changing button order from the
> most used one (important button on left side, for LTR languages) to
> the easier to use one (imporant on right side), OTOH, so logic behind
> when to change and when not is fuzzy for me.

The button order is used elsewhere (Mac). It should be used in
conjunction with better dialogs (action verbs such as "Save",
"Revert", "Don't save" rather than "Yes", "No", "Cancel"). And
the logic behind it is simply that humans using LTR languages
read dialogs from the top left to the bottom right, so the
default action should be on the bottom right.


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       Lyon, France
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