I'm trying to write the attached Gimp::Pixel plug-in for Gimp. But it
keeps segfaulting, despite being written in Perl.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?


        Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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        Falk Fish
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

use Gimp;
use Gimp::Fu;
use PDL;
use PDL::Core;
use Carp;

sub sub2ind ($$;@) {
  my $dims = shift;
  $dims = [$dims->dims] if UNIVERSAL::isa($dims,'PDL');
  croak "need dims array ref" unless ref $dims eq 'ARRAY';
  my @args = @_;
  croak "number of dims must not be less than number of arguments"
    unless @args <= @$dims;
  my $coord = $args[0]->copy;
  for my $n (1..$#$dims) 
      $coord += $dims->[$n-1]*$args[$n];
  return $coord;

sub pepper_noise
    my $image = shift;
    my $drawable = shift;
    my $num_pixels = shift;

    my $gdrawable = $drawable->get();

    my $height = $drawable->height();
    my $width = $drawable->width();

    my @bounds = $drawable->bounds();
    my $src = new PixelRgn ($drawable,@bounds,0,0);
    my $dst = new PixelRgn ($drawable,@bounds,1,1);

    print "1\n";
    my $piddle = $src->data();

        print "2\n";
    my $noise_x = floor(random(1,$num_pixels) * $width);
    my $noise_y = floor(random(1,$num_pixels) * $height);

    print join(",", dims($piddle)), "\n";
    my $noise_indexes = sub2ind($piddle, zeroes(1,$num_pixels), $noise_x, $noise_y);

    if (0)
    for(my $i=0;$i<$num_pixels;$i++)
        if ($piddle->at(0, $noise_x->at(0, $i), $noise_y->at(0, $i)) == 0)
            print "Not zero!";

    print "3\n";
    $piddle->flat->index($noise_indexes) .= zeroes(1, $num_pixels);

    print "3.5\n";

    if (0)
    for(my $i=0;$i<$num_pixels;$i++)
        if ($piddle->at(0, $noise_x->at(0, $i), $noise_y->at(0, $i)) == 0)
            print "Not good!";

        print "4\n";
    return $image;

         "put pepper noise in an image",
         "Place pepper noise in an Image",
         "Shlomi Fish",
         "Shlomi Fish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>",
         N_"<Image>/Filters/Noise/Pepper Noise",
         "RGB*, GRAY",  
            [PF_INT32(), "pixels_num", "Number of Pixels",80]

exit main;

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