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> > The [WilberWorks] website
> > seems bought off and of course not much is left to be found on google
> > and friends. This is the best link I could find:
> >
> >  http://linux.rice.edu/webmap/appdescriptions/WilberWorks.html
> >
> > Let's hope one of the folks involved into this can tell us more about
> > the goals of WilberWorks and why it didn't work (that well). Perhaps
> > there are things we can learn from it...
> WilberWorks was founded by
> http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,10975,00.html

I did a quick grep through my own archives, and I found the following
message sent by Scott Goehring to this list in January 1998 (in the
pre-1.0 days).  It describes briefly what WilberWorks was intended to
be.  As a coincidence, it was a reply to a message that I posted
earlier, about using the LGPL instead of GPL for libgimp:

  From: Scott Goehring <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Subject: Re: [gimp-devel] The Gimp & The GPL 
  Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 12:32:31 -0500
  Raphael> Well, I wouldn't mind if some derivative of the GIMP was sold
  Raphael> and supported by a commercial company.  It would even be a
  Raphael> good thing, because more people would then trust the GIMP.

  WilberWorks plans to sell copies of the Gimp (the fee being for
  copying and distribution) and to offer support packages (various
  levels of service for varying fees).  This is entirely permissible
  under the GPL: you can charge for services related to the product,
  including for making the product conveniently available, but cannot
  restrict the intellectual properties themselves.

A few weeks later, Scott switched his e-mail address to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], although he switched back to his old address in
July 1998.  When WilberWorks started, Raph Levien was also involved
and was putting together the GIMP 1.0 CD to be sold by WilberWorks.
If Scott cannot be reached, I suppose that Raph could provide more
details about why the company did not fly as expected.

The last appearance of Scott was in September 1999.  I haven't
received any messages from him since then (I was exchanging some
e-mails with him because he was the co-proponent of the RFD that I
wrote in 1998 for the creation of comp.graphics.apps.gimp).  The
WilberWorks site and its bug reporting system stopped working in 2000
(January or February?) and the domain name expired a few months later.
Once available, the domain was quickly picked up by a porn site, as
you can see in this bug report:
In 2002, the porn site gave up the domain name and it was replaced by
the domain parking/search page that you can see now.

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