there are two more tasks that should be addressed in a short time
frame even though they aren't really blocking any prerelease, This is
because they might involve some string changes and we would like to
get these done as early as possible to give translators a chance to
polish the translations for 2.0.

There's an issue with the user installation dialog. We had the
discussion here before and I argued for keeping the dialog as it is.
(http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117010) However due to
recent additions in the personal gimp directory, the treeview has
grown a bit too large making the dialog inaccessible on smaller
screen resolutions. We will need to do something about this:


Another dialog that could need some finetuning is the Preferences
dialog. Fortunately the code isn't half as complex as the dialog might
make you think. Reordering controls in the dialog basically just means
reordering code in the one large function that sets it all up from top
to bottom. And some reordering is what is needed here. Some pages grew
too large, others host one or two lonely widgets. A few things that
come my mind are:

- There should probably be a page about "Session Management" where all
  the "Save this", "Don't store that" settings can go that are in
  "User Interface" now. We will probably want to make saving of
  tool-options configurable as well; so that setting could also go
  there. That brings us directly to the next point

- The "Tool Options" page only has two controls left which are both
  sort of redundant. The Default Threshold is not that useful any
  longer since tools remember their settings.  The "Default
  Interpolation" setting is still important but mainly for providing a
  default for scaling images or layers. It thus doesn't belong here.

- The "Web Browser" setting should probably move to the Help page.  It
  doesn't fit perfectly there but I'd like to have it next to the Help
  Browser setting since it's related.

- Some vertical spacing between frames would probably make things look

Please don't start to HIG'ify this dialog by removing the frames. We
want our dialogs to look consistent so if we start to do this here,
we'd have to do it all over the place and it's too late for that. If
someone is interested, we can consider such a change for 2.2.


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