here's another thing that I thought would be a nice hack for someone
who wants to play with the GIMP code w/o going into too much detail.
Some interest in GTK+ is required though.

Everyone hates it when two or three error messages popup for a single
error. You end up seeing the last error message first and have to
click your way to the one that probably explains what went wrong in
the first place.

The error console is a good way to work around this problem. But then
it's a bit too hidden and it takes place in a dock. Wouldn't it be
nice if the message window had the error console embedded? What I
imagine is the error console as a widget that is used from the Errors
dockable and from the GUI message handler. Alternatively this can be
implemented in a simpler fashion by adding labels to a vbox in a
scrolled window.

I drew a simple mockup to illustrate the idea. It shows the simple
case of two messages only. If more messages arrive while the dialog is
open a scrollbar would have to appear:


So if someone is interested, please tell the list. Perhaps there
should also be a bug-report about this issue...


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