Hi GIMPers,

I know this is a little off-topic, but it's definitely interesting to anyone
looking for a job in the pre-press software industry.

Ben Hobbs (from Idealpeople, a recruitment firm) is looking for people with
experience of RIPs, and other pre-press issues.  I've put a message from him


Hi Austin,

I have been enjoying your explanations on FM Screening and dithering, They
have helped me understand one of our specs a great deal more, Thanks.

We have recently set up a division (me) to focus exclusively on recruitment
for the pre-press/print technology industry and are finding it hard to come
by candidates.

We are currently after:

* RIP Coder with experience of Colour Management (ICC Profiles etc...) -
Australia Permanent position with full help in re-location, work permit and
immigration issues.

* Screening Consultant for a RIP company in Europe

* RIP Coders for a UK based company (London)

Do you know anyone who would be interested in any of these positions, If so
then please let me know!

Basically we are interested in all coders with experience of RIP's, PCL and
digital print technologies overall.  This is really very appreciated, its
actually been very refreshing for me trying to source these vacancies.  The
help people have given me I have not seen in any other area of software
development, Oh and we are particularly interested in Linux guys for the
Australian role.

Ben Hobbs

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