Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Which brings up an interesting question -- how can an open source
> project accurately represent what is going on in developmentland on
> its web site?

One thing I could imagine would be some sort of regular news update
on GIMP development. Similar to kernel-cousin (you mentioned that
already) or the Abiword Weekly News

If someone was willing to do such a thing, that would of course be
very much appreciated. I would volunteer to help by reviewing the
information and by answering technical questions. This job probably
involves following the mailing-lists, following GIMP development in
CVS, reading the ChangeLogs and compiling the very latest version (in
order to produce nice screenshots of new features). So if there's
anyone listening who is doing all this anyway, perhaps that someone
wants to become famous for writing a regular summary on GIMP
development ?

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