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Daniel Rogers wrote:
> Gimp demos.  Show off some of our killer features.  Any ideas as to what
> these might be?  (layers, brushes, plugins, script-fu)

He might not forgive me for this, but here's jimmac's list of
user visible changes in 2.0 when compared to 1.2:

The biggies are of course docks, the path tool, the text tool,
the themability (I like showing off the small interface - do we
have a big & chunky interface too?), the grid, fullscreen mode,
and tool contexts.

There are also the colour pickers for the levels tool (amazingly
useful) and GAP. But Jakub's the man to talk to about that

If you're doing a general gimp demo, then the stuff that
impresses people is the clone tool, selections/masks, channel &
layer manipulations. A good thing to do is search through your
collection for a few shitty photos that you are fairly certain
can be hugely improved with one technique, and then do that.

Here, I'm thinking of Jakub's tutorial in Berlin where he had,
for example, one image with a contre-jour, one image with a red
cast at sunset, another image with the tourist walking across the
wall, another with the bright red plane, and no other red in the
picture, another with a good clear red-eye, etc.

> Tips for working with the gimp in a corporate enviroment.  (examples of
> previous corporate help would be great).  Buy a programmer to add
> features.  Strenths of open source, weaknesses of open source.

This kind of philosophical stuff is interesting, but the FSF and
OSI have lots of stuff on this. But getting someone to buy a
programmer for a year or two would rock.

> Future gimp plans (gegl, high bit depths, color management).

Personally, I'd tend to avoid future plans until there's
something to present. If someone asks about CMYK, pre-press,
color profiles, etc then by all means go into the details, but I
wouldn't include it in a presentation.

Good luck in Vegas, and don't lose too much money :)


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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