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> I am attempting to build Gimp 1.3.22 here on Mac OS X 10.3.1 (darwin
> 7.0) with gcc 3.3 and all goes well until what appears to be the
> final linking stages at which point I get several undefined symbols.
> ld: Undefined symbols:
> gimp_container_filter
> gimp_xml_parser_new
> gimp_drawable_stroke_vectors
> _gimp_xml_parser_free
> _gimp_xml_parser_new
> _gimp_xml_parser_parse_file
> _gimp_container_get_filtered_name_array

As we found out lately, it seems that MacOS X is doing the same as
Windows does and prefixes symbols with an underscore. So in order to
build GIMP you will need to edit app/Makefile and set symprefix to _
just like it is done for OS_WIN32 already. Please report back if this
fixes your problem so that we can put this solution into CVS.

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