Carol Spears wrote:
1) do we still keep Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis as the authors and
everyone else as a contributer? Or everyone could be an AUTHOR or
everyone could be considered a CONTRIBUTER.  I am unable to have an
opinion on this and would really like to hear the opinions of a few

I would be offended if Messrs. Kimball and Mattis were no longer listed as the primary authors. I see no reason to deviate from the current practice.

Back in 1999 we weren't able to figure out who some of the people in there were. We left them in anyway, figuring someone had had a good reason to add them. For all I know one of them is Peter's dry cleaner.

The only change I would support is listing the current development lead(s) as "This release brought to you by ...". We didn't do this for 1.0, but I can understand why some people feel that they deserve more than to be listed in a long scroll of people, many of whom they've never even heard of.

Kelly (the only person listed twice in AUTHORS, as far as she knows)

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