"Steven P. Ulrick" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    Could you please send me, or tell me how to get, the files that I
> would need to rename,

The files are in the GIMP source tree, preferably the latest released
tarball (1.3.22) or a CVS checkout. We are talking about the standard
set of brushes, patterns, gradients, palettes, ... that live in the
data directory in the GIMP source tree. These files are installed to a
systemwide GIMP data directory and that's what you see when you look
at the brushes, patterns, gradients, palettes views.

> and then give me a reasonably detailed description of what you want?

The task is to make sure that no two items of the same type share the
same name. So far I only know of a handful of brushes with duplicate
names. There might be others though and someone should check for this.

GIMP data files are either easily editable text file (gradients,
palettes, ...) or binary files (brushes, patterns, ...). GIMP can open
the latter formats as an image format. This means you can open a GIMP
brush as an image simply by opening it just like any other image file.
When you save the brush (or pattern, ...) using "Save As", you will
get to a dialog that allows you to change some parameters including
the name. This is described in more detail in:


So, there are the tools you need to rename our data files. It might be
worthwhile to not only check for duplicates but also to attempt to
unify the style used for the names. For example, do they all start
with a capital letter?


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