As you may know, one of the "blocker" bug for the future 2.0 release is
bugzilla bug #125141: deprecation of gimpmisc/gimpmiscui.

 Most of the functions of gimpmiscui.h are related to the
GimpFixmePreview stuff. This part looks pretty useful to me, and the API
is clean enough to be kept imho. The only bad point I see here is that
this code use the deprecated widget GtkPreview, but this could be easily
fixed by using some GtkDrawingArea/GdkRgb stuff.

 gimpmiscui.h also defines the gimp_plug_in_get_path() function which is
only used by the FractalExplorer, gfig, and gflare plug-ins. This
function doesn't look really useful, since it is only a wrapper for
gimp_gimprc_query(), with some error-checking. I would vote to remove
it. Anyway, even if we keep it, it should at least be moved to

 The last function in gimpmiscui.h is gimp_parameter_settings_new().
It is currently used by many plug-ins to present the parameters in a
consistant way.  This one looks pretty useful to me, but should be moved
to in a more appropriate place, such as libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgets.[ch]

All the functions in libgimp/gimpmisc.h are related to regions or pixels
fetchers or iterators. I'll investigate more to see if they should be
kept, moved in a better place, or removed.

In the meantime, if everyone agree, I'll move and document
gimp_parameter_settings_new(), and remove gimp_plug_in_get_path().



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