On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 16:52:34 +0100, David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> > There are some subtle differences that are internal and IMHO not
> > important from the user's point of view:
> >
> > if we look at the remaining differences (again, from the user's point
> > of view, not from the code point of view), what is left?
> > 
> > - The toolbox has a menu bar.
> > - The toolbox contains the buttons for switching tools.
> - Drag & drop of URLs, image icons, etc. opens up the image.

Yes, but this is already a bit confusing for the user: you can drop
something on the menu, on the icons of the tools or on the area around
the color, brush, pattern and gradient selectors.  But you cannot drop
it on the selector themselves or on any other part of the toolbox
window (e.g., the tabs attached to it, such as tool options, etc.)

We should probably take care of the drag & drop issues in a separate
thread (maybe I should file a bug report) because I don't think that
our user interface is very consistent there.  How do we explain to a
user _why_ she should drop an image on the menu or on the icons of the
tools, but not on the other parts of the GIMP windows?

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