RaphaÃl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > You can already add a tools list/grid to whatever dock you like.
> But this list or grid of tools does not behave like the one in the
> toolbox, unfortunately.  The grid view does not behave as set of
> buttons (different background color, no highlighting on mouse-over)
> and it is not possible to drag & drop images (as mentioned in Dave's
> message).  It would be nice to replace the main tools area in the
> toolbox by a grid view of the tools if these differences could be
> fixed.  But then there would be even less reasons to treat the toolbox
> differently from all other docks.

Exactly and that's why the toolbox is special. It holds the tool
buttons, it decides what tool is active, it has the most important
menu and for that reason it also creates images when things are
dropped there.

> If the menu could also be removed or dragged to another dock, then
> the last difference between the toolbox and the other docks would go
> away.  Or did I miss something important?

You missed the important fact that the menu cannot be removed and that
we don't intent to change this. Face it, as it stands, the toolbox is
special. I really don't understand why you are questioning this. It's
a fact.


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