RaphaÃl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am questioning this because I think that the fact that the toolbox
> is "special" is an artificial limitation that should go away in a
> future release in order to make the user interface more consistent and
> easier to use.

This discussion is about proper defaults for GIMP-2.0, not some future

> Let's imagine for a moment that the menu can be moved to any dock, and
> the tools area is just a grid view that can also be moved around.  We
> may have to ensure that at least one menu is present in some dock, but
> this may not even be necessary if the functions can be accessed in
> some other way.  If we achieve this, then the mental model of how the
> GIMP behaves becomes much simpler:
> - There is one, two or any number of windows (docks) that can include
>   various controls acting on the image windows.
> - All docks are session-managed top-level windows.  Their size and
>   position are kept accross sessions.
> - All docks are equal and can host any number of tabs, including the
>   one containing the tools.
> - The main menu is just another thing that can be included (or not) in
>   a dock.  If present, it would appear at the top of the dock.
> Wouldn't this be easier to understand and work with?  The user simply
> has a number of control windows in which several dockable items can be
> organized in any way they want.  And none of them is more "special"
> than the others.

I seriously doubt that this would make it easier for the user. In my
opinion it only adds an completely unneeded level of configurability
and thus complexity. The GIMP should have a common window that
everyone (and the docs) can refer to as "the toolbox". I don't see any
good reason of changing this.

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