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> In most cases, a new user will have two GIMP windows that have more
> or less the same size: in the current docs, one of them is refered
> to as "the toolbox" and the other one is just a "dock".  Both of
> them have roughly the same importance: they control what happens to
> the image, and it is possible to move (almost) all dockable items
> freely between these windows.  Both of them are managed in (almost)
> the same way.

I don't agree. You are IMO simply putting it the wrong way. There's
the toolbox that has the main menu and some other functions that are
unique to the toolbox. Then there are docks. As a convenience, some of
the dock functionality has been added to the toolbox. Note that the
toolbox is not even a full-featured dock since it can't have an image
menu. The toolbox is a special window and it is meant to be one. The
fact that it can also swallow dockables is just a nice add-on, nothing

> For what reason do we want to call one of them "the toolbox" and treat
> it in a special way in the code and in the docs?  Why couldn't we call
> any of the top-level control GIMP windows "a toolbox" or "a dock",
> without having to care about how this window was created?  If the list
> or grid of tools can be moved to any dock, wouldn't it be more
> appropriate to use the term "toolbox" for whatever window happens to
> contain the tool icons? 

But why should we make the tool buttons detachable? It would only lead
to confusion and wouldn't add any extra value.

> So call me thick if you want (or just persistent), but I still do not
> see a good reason to have this artificial difference between the
> toolbox and the other docks.  The argument from Simon about the
> "minimal GIMP GUI" seemed interesting at first, but on second thought
> it is not very good either: as the current toolbox window is also a
> dock containing several tabs, it is usually far from "minimal".

The default setup for the toolbox is just the tool buttons and the
tool options docked to it. We allow the user to add more tabs here but
it is certainly not what most people are using.

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