"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I had an Horrible Experience (tm) regarding this yesterday.
> I was making a title in Gimp 1.3.23, and was using 140pt font.
> Suddenly, by accident I flipped the mouse wheel over the "unit" 
> listbox ..it changed from PT to IN .... hell came over on my desktop.
> before I could do much, the keyboard froze as the GIMP tried to 
> allocate more memory than avaliable in the whole city - I managed to 
> xkill the gimp, but the X server remained frozen. I had to remote 
> login and kill the X process.
> Since this the whole issue is not strictly related to activate on 
> focus, but on memory consumption by the Text plugin, Sven, do you 
> think it would be feasible to put a warning on the font-size 
> selectors, just as there are when one tries to create an image too 
> large?

This is completely unrelated to the discussion, so please keep it out
of it. There's a bug report about it already and it will be taken care
of before 2.0.

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