On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:31:25 +0100, Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Switching to activate-on-focus as the default setting seems to make
> > sense given that most desktops seem to be using "click-to-focus" by
> > default these days. We used to set this to yes for Win32 only but I'd
> > like to avoid different default settings if possible.
>   * (activate-on-focus yes) breaks in the focus-follows-mouse model,
>     since the active view changes randomly when you just move your mouse
>     across the Screen, containing multiple image views.

This is interesting...  I use a WM with focus-follows-mouse, and I think
that (activate-on-focus yes) is more useful than (activate-on-focus no),
as long as I do not have too many image windows open.  If I only have
two or three image windows open and I want to do something in the layers
dialog for each of them, I find that I can select the right image
faster by just moving over it and then back to the layers dialog instead
of having to click or type a key in the image window or select the right
image from the drop-down list.  This does not work so well when there
are many images stacked on top of each other so I agree that this option
cannot be used all the time for the focus-follows-mouse model, but I
would not call this feature "broken" in all cases.

>   * (activate-on-focus no)  works for both models,

It doesn't work so well for the click-to-focus model.  Those who use this
kind of WMs (this is the default on most platforms and almost the only
choice on Windows) are used to cliking on the title bar of a window to
activate it because clicking in the window itself could trigger some
unwanted action.  For those users, the option (activate-on-focus no)
makes the GIMP appear to be "broken" because clicking on the title bar or
window decoration does not work as in all other applications.  As you
know, we even got a bug report about this: bug #109527.

So I think that the defaults proposed by Sven are appropriate for the
majority of our users.  I also think that it would be nicer to set these
defaults according to what focus model is used by the current WM, but
this is not easy to do.  I have some ideas about how to do that (not in
all cases, but in a way that would be "good enough") and I hope to be
able to integrate this improved installation step into GIMP 2.2.

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