RaphaÃl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was talking about the list or grid of tools (the "Tools"
> dockable), not the current tool buttons.  Currently, we have two
> ways to display the tool icons: either as buttons (as shown in the
> current toolbox), or as a dockable list or grid of tools.  Although
> the latter should be improved to have the same features as the
> current buttons (tooltips), it is more flexible because the user can
> customize how the icons are displayed.  In order to reduce the
> amount of partially redundant code, we could get rid of the current
> toolbox replace it by the dockable grid of tools.  Then we would
> call this the "toolbox" and it could be moved to any dock.  That's
> what I tried to explain two messages earlier, in my reply to your
> first comments.  Sorry if that was not clear enough.

Actually that list or grid of tools is only there because it was so
trivial to add. It's nothing but a completly generic view on the
container of GimpToolInfo objects. As it stands it isn't particulary
useful. Perhaps it could be extended to become a toolbox editor where
you can show/hide tool buttons in the toolbox or rearrange them or
reconfigure the tool shortcuts. I don't think it should ever become a
toolbox replacement. It was never designed to be that and it would be
quite tricky to make it one.

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