Thierry Vignaud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> gimp2-freetype is already packaged in mandrake contribs since Sun
> Aug 10 2003 :-)
> i didn't know that it was for gimp-1.2.x branch.

Well, what exactly did you package? gimp2-freetype sounds like it
should be working with gimp2 which isn't even released yet, so the
package name is certainly bad choosen.

Is this built from CVS or from one of the released tarballs? There
have been two releases so far:

- gimp-freetype-0.2 is for GIMP-1.2
- gimp-freetype-0.3 is for an earlier GIMP-1.3 API and won't work
  with latest GIMP-1.3 releases

I will probably do another gimp-freetype release for GIMP-2.0. However
the usefulness of gimp-freetype for GIMP-2.0 is questionable since the
text tool has most of its features already (and a few more).

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