Well it is nothing like I am reluctant, I thought I am giving enough info.
Anywa sorry for it.

Here is what I wanted to do. I am writing a program which displays point
cloud using VTK. Now this is the only one part of what I am doing. Other
part user will have a 2D window, which will reflect current state in VTK
window. Now this 2D window, I am planning to use GIMP. If I cannot make use
of GIMP then, I have to really write a plugin for GIMP, which in my opinion
very tight binding with it.

Therefore, instead of writing plugin, I am trying to use GIMP otherway
round, that is by trying to use it as library.

Hope I am making myslef clear here. Also, I am really newbie here therefore
I am not able to understand idea of writing extension to GIMP.( By this what
I mean is, how it could be. )

Thanks and regards,
Shrinivas Kulkarni.
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> Shrinivas Kulkarni ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > I really appreciate your quick response.
> > About the other solution, that is to make GIMP running a background, I
> > aware of it. But I am not sure how I can call PDB functions from my
> > to a process that is running in background.
> >
> > Do you want to say that I should run GIMP from my application first and
> > call it's functionality thru PDB? I am sorry if I am making a foolish
> > question here.
> It is very hard for me to give you any advice, since you are very
> reluctant with the details of what you are actually trying to do.
> There are at least two methods to contact a running GIMP. Gimp-Perl has
> a method of communicate to the main GIMP process, and there is a net-fu
> server, where GIMP listens on a socket.
> I don't have very much experience with that, so I cannot really help
> here. It might also make sense for you to develop a small extension for
> the GIMP, that establishes the communication between your application
> and the GIMP.
> Bye,
>         Simon
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