By "using GIMP" I mean to use GIMP as library. Such facilty may be necessary
since we may not want user to have all the functionality that Core GIMP
provides. For example, we may want user to draw on the image( lines,
curves), but may want user to allow apply rich filters GIMP provides.

The problem, for which I am trying to find the solution is, we do not want
user to use all functionality from CORE GIMP. Therefore, our basic interest
would be either disabling the few of core tools, when plugin is invoked. As
a matter of fact, it may be easy to visualize if we think GIMP as lib. I
agree that code now is modular than earlier versions. But my concern here is
we always need GIMP to be running for using it's functionality. I must say
here is, GIMP is becoming more and more stable and therefore as I can see it
is serious candidate to be allowed to be used as library independent of GIMP
UI. Right now, GIMP app and functionality it provides are seem to be very
tightly coupled. For example, I even cannot create a new image without GIMP
running. I totally understand why it is so. But given the scope of libgimp,
where we can draw selections, cut, paste from image without using Toolbox
( by calling functions with prividing drawable id ), I do not understand,
why I cannot have image created and displayed without GIMP running.

In short, the edit window, right now we have that should converted to widget
and developer should be able to use it even without running GIMP. ( This
implies that user should be able to call even PDB functions that is calling
procs from PDB.)Right now the edit window, seems to be very much tightly
coupled with Toolbox. If we provide such facility GIMP will be really

Hope I am making myself clear. Feel free to have questions if any.

Thanks and regards,
Shrinivas Kulkarni.
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> Shrinivas Kulkarni wrote:
> | Is there any way to display GIMP image in GTK controls? There is one
> | more question I have is that, can we write a standalone app using GIMP.
> | This question arises, because, I do not want to use all the
> | funcitonality of GIMP, but want to have my own toolbox and still able to
> | use selective functionality from GIMP.
> It depends on what you mean by "using GIMP."  You can use gimp as a
> rendering backend, if you want.  There has been some discussion of the
> portability of our internal widgets and that they might be useful as
> another library.  The code is much more modular than it was, so using
> our widgets in a seperate app might be a good idea too.  You would be
> the first person to try it though, so I imagine there will be some
> problems (though not insurmoutable ones).
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