Steve Lipa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1) My plug-in converts images into integrated circuit or
>    printed circuit board layouts.  (You might use it to
>    put your company logo on a chip.)  Thus it registers
>    file save handlers.   On the other hand, it does not
>    make sense to try to convert layouts to images, so 
>    there are no corresponding file load handlers.  However,
>    after using my plugin to save logo.jpg as logo.cif,
>    for example, the File/Open Recent menu will include
>    an entry for logo.cif.   Is there anything my save 
>    handler can do to dissuade GIMP from adding logo.cif
>    to this list?

I don't think there's a way to prevent that from happening.

> 2) I haven't quite figured out how the help system works.
>    I think I have all of the software installed correctly, 
>    including the CVS version of gtkhtml2 and 
>    all of the stuff mentioned in devel-docs/README.gtkdoc.
>    When I hit the F1 button, the GIMP Help Browser appears
>    but so does a GIMP Message informing me that my
>    gimp-help.xml file is missing.

Look at the latest release of the gimp-plugin-template or
gimp-freetype (from CVS). They install the gimp-help.xml file that
defines how to map help IDs to URLs.

>    I am further confused by the fact that gimp-plugin-template-1.3.2
>    installs
>    PREFIX/share/gimp-plugin-template/help/C/gimp-plugin-template.html
>    while the RGB-mixer plug-in (which seems to be based on the
>    gimp-plugin-template) installs its help as
>    PREFIX/share/gimp/1.3/help/C/filters/RGB-mixer.html

The latter is wrong since the plug-in should install into it's own
prefix. But as long as the gimp-help.xml is installed into a unique
place, it doesn't really matter since the plug-in also registers
the base URL for the help pages. See

>    I notice that the RGB-mixer plug-in has a GTK_STOCK_HELP button
>    in its dialog but none of the standard plug-ins seem to.  Is
>    there any particular reason that I should either include or not
>    include a GTK_STOCK_HELP button?

The standard setup for GIMP plug-ins is not to have a help button but
to bind to F1 for help.

>     Also, I cannot type anything into what appears to be a URL entry
>    area in the GIMP Help Browser.  Is this possibly because I have
>    installed something wrong? 

No, the combo box is simply not supposed to be used to type things

>    Could someone please provide a simplified overview of how the
>    help system works and maybe point me towards what I need to read
>    to figure out how to test my plug-in's help pages?  I am mainly
>    interested in knowing if I need to provide xml files (I don't
>    know anything about xml but will learn if I have to...) or if I
>    can get away with html, where they really need to be installed,
>    and how to tell the GIMP where to find them.

You need to install a (very simple) gimp-help.xml file that defines
where the help (in HTML format) is installed and how it is associated
to the identifier(s) your plug-in registers. You will not need
anything but a vague idea about XML in order to adapt the example XML
file to your needs. If you really want to understand how it works, you
will need a basic understanding of XML namespaces though.

Detailed instructions appeared earlier here on this list when the
implementation was discussed. You should be able to find them in the
list archives.

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