On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 04:57:15PM +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> But I don't think the actual time it takes to run gcc is what annoys
> people most when building stuff that uses auto*/libtool on
> Windows. For me, the most annoying part is libtool. This shell-script
> is mind-bogglingly slow. Running a configure script isn't exactly fast
> either, but you don't have to to that so often, and you can always
> catch up on your mail while configure is running, or something. But
> having to wait for libtool to figure out for the nth time how to
> invoke gcc is quite infuriating while you are in a test-edit-compile
> cycle.

Yes, libtool is stupid. There's no reason it needs to be run on every
compile command, rather than inserting it precalculated at Makefile
build time.

I wished they didn't put in the win32 stuff actually. It really should be
a separate script entirely supporting the same interface, so people only
have to parse and run half the shell script size.
> (For people used to MSVC, gcc's speed as such might also be an
> issue. I don't remember any numbers, but I think MSVC compiles several
> times faster.)

Yeah, gcc is quite slow at compile time, and I think in newer versions
it's gotten slower, not faster.

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