Raphael, can I ask you a thing?

You could maybe just add (or ask someone to add) a "zero-out 
transparent pixels" on the layers menu.

This will make you possibly happy, and will NOT arbitrarily throw away 
data that is relevant to more than one group of users as this thread 
had shown.

Maybe, if you want to be really picky and selfish about this - there 
are far  more usability issues in GIMP as it is now - them instead of 
a menu option one have to actively click, there could be added an 
entry in preferences. Something like "Automatically destroy color 
data from transparent pixels". Or some name equally "warnfull" about 
what it does.

With that, GIMP could be kept for Image Manipulation thats why we use 
it for.

However, I would agree that such an __option__ - to zero out data 
pixels - should be added to the .png  save filter.


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