Frank Wittemeier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > > (gimp-1.3:1395): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: specified class size for type
> > > `PangoXftFontMap' is smaller than the parent type's `PangoFontMap' class
> > > size
> >
> > It appears you've run into a frequently found bug - you do not have any
> > fonts installed where freefont can find them. Since around 1.3.15, we

Sorry, but what Dave wrote here is wrong and will only confuse Frank
(especially since Dave wrote freefont when he probably meant to write
fontconfig). Look at the error message. The problem isn't missing
fonts but a miscompiled Pango library. Either Frank is linking
libpangoxft with a wrong version of libpango or he compiled the pango
libraries against a wrong set of Pango headers.

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