for a link to the up-to-date patch. This patch incorporates all the
changes that were present in its previous incarnations and then a nice
featurette of moving a segment.

Furthremore, it adds some refactoring to the gradient editor, in which
several functions were placed under app/core/.

Of course, it is possible that there are bugs and/or style issues.
Especially note that I changed one function like this:

-      seg->left   = new_l + (seg->left - orig_l) * scale;
+      if (seg->prev)
+        seg->left   = new_l + (seg->left - orig_l) * scale;
       seg->middle = new_l + (seg->middle - orig_l) * scale;
-      seg->right  = new_l + (seg->right - orig_l) * scale;
+      if (seg->next)
+        seg->right  = new_l + (seg->right - orig_l) * scale;

This is to make it more akin to its equivalent in the editor's code.
(duplicate code probably)


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