David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The 1.3 series is nearly at an end. If all goes well, we will
> have a 2.0 pre-release before Christmas, probably the end of the
> weekend or Monday.

Most probaby you noticed already that we haven't yet done this
pre-release. The point is, we absolutely need a release very soon
now. So either we do 1.3.24 (I could do this today) or we work very
hard to resolve the remaining bugs on the 1.3.x milestone. I've looked
at this list today and moved some of the bugs to the 2.0 milestone.
I've added comments to the other reports explaining what needs to be
done. So, if you want to help, please query Bugzilla for bugs on the
1.3.x milestone and see if there's something you can do.

I am in favor of doing 1.3.24 today or tomorrow. Doing a 2.0-pre
release will not only mean closing the remaining bugs but it also
involves a couple of file moves in the CVS tree (files that have the
1.3 version number in their names). At the moment I'm quite busy with
christmas, Blinkenlights Reloaded and preparation of 20C3. I would
manage to do 1.3.24 release but I'm not sure if a 2.0-pre release
would fit into the schedule.

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