since the subject of porting GTK+ to Mac OS X came up and GIMP was
mentioned in this context, I'd like to say one or two things about
GIMP (namely GIMP-1.3/2.0) on Mac OS X.

I don't use Mac OS X myself but I regulary get the chance to watch
people using it and to talk to them. Lately I even got involved in
writing software for it. My impression is that in order to make GIMP a
success on Mac OS X, it isn't that important to have a GTK+ port that
runs natively on Quartz. Mac OS X nowadays ships with a decent X
server that integrates quite nicely into the Aqua desktop (there are
some issues here but they could be solved). If you install Xcore (the
Mac OS X development environment) you get Darwin ports which closely
resembles the well known BSD ports system. With this setup it is
amazingly easy to get GIMP up and running. All you do is to enter
"ports install gimp" and leave your Mac alone for some time while it
compiles and installs all the necessary software. This gives you
gimp-1.2.5. GIMP-1.3 isn't included in the ports system yet but I
expect this to happen soon after we do the 2.0 release. Perhaps we can
even speed this up if someone contributes a ports file for 1.3. The
prerequisites are certainly there already. "ports install gtk2" works
flawlessly and provides you with GTK+ version 2.2.3 and recent
versions of all the software it depends on.

Porting GTK2 to Quartz could bring some improvements but it isn't a
prerequisite for a good user experience of The GIMP on Mac OS X.  The
one thing that is a lot more important at the moment is to fix bug


The fact that our shared memory implementation doesn't work on Mac OS
X makes our plug-ins run unreasonably slow. This will hurt the user
experience a lot more than widgets being drawn by an X11 server which
is available, working, supported and fast. So if you think about
helping to push GIMP-1.3/2.0 on Mac OS X, you should consider to help
us to implement shared memory using mmap or using POSIX shm.

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