i definitely want to get more involved with gimp development. (at the moment, 
i would most like to upgrade the palette-editor to match or exceed a general 
palette editor i wrote previously.) 

my involvement has been impeded by these things:
        - lack of documentation (hard to find my way around the gimp sourcetree 
without general guides as to what goes where (where to find/add a particular 

        - lack of knowledge of general 'modus operandi'. for example, i have a whole 
directory just for enhancement ideas. they are all practical in the sense i 
know how to implement them in general.
i don't know whether to add them to bugzilla, because i don't know what the 
policy is for enhancement requests.
how far in the future can they be? (eg. a few enhancement ideas i have would 
rely on gegl's colorspace transformation system)

in the realm of 'discussion', does anyone here know why GimpPalette is  
implemented using a list? it seems a lot saner to use an array.
i would like to convert it to use an array if possible, as it would simplify 
future enhancements, and hopefully remove the need for the 'position' 

david gowers

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